The Blundering Adult

Adventures and Myself!

Welcome to my blog …. Ta Da!

The contents you are willingly going to experience will be as follows-

1) Horrendous spelling and grammar. Let me just get this out there.

This is not my strong point, however I am trying and hopefully learning to get better.   ( spell check please be my friend! )

2) The utter incompetence of me trying to get through life as a functioning adult – I mean who is?)

3) There is no direction for this blog. It will literally be the challenges I face as a 28 something year old woman. Maybe this should of been the first point,,,, 

You still there? Ah yes, some still in the back I see.

Well then for all who are still interested here is a little about me. 🙂 

I am 29. This was my driving idea for the whole blog, I’m nearly 30 .., and no where near ready.  

I live in Bradford, however I was born in the Isle of man. How I got here is a in my upcoming biography-  ‘Even the deities are unsure.’

My love is theatre and being creative. I am a technician, producer, director and general lacky in my local community theatre. My pay the bills job is a kitchen designer for a large UK company. 

I’m convinced I’m actually an 80 year old in my body. Confirmed by my last night out of complaining of sticky floors, music and the urge to cover up a young girl brestical that was hanging out. Also my urge to crochet when I cant sleep, but that’s normal right?

I have two options for you

My blog pages where I ramble in depth about my blunderings through life.

100 word mumblings. Smaller life happenings that fit nicely in 100 words! (nifty that)

What your choice, I’m sure it won’t disappoint!

So grab some snacks and enjoy, this is about to get interesting. 😉