Hi there!

Im Lanna, and since your here Id like to say thank you for visiting! You brave wonderer, this is my mind space. This is the place that mental splurges appear for all to see.

I have no direction thus far for my creative outlet. Other then attempting to blunder through life and somehow get it right, or as close too.

Im not 100% sure what you would like to know about me.

I have a little furry family, My 19 year old cat, 3 gerbils and the boy! –

They are reference as such,

  • Cat- fifi (as this is his name), old man, the fat boy.
  • Gerbils- furry faces, Hollykins, Gingeroo, Bobbsy. (that’s there names, well there extended names)
  • The Boy- This is my other half, always referenced as such. Not like he works for a secret government or anything…. naaa I joke. Yeah … joke…

Other then those things I design kitchens as my pay the bills job. When I’m not doing that I will either be helping at my local community theatre, at home with the furries and the boy or generally doing something creative.