No words needed. Some times you just need some time with you and your yarn.

I’ve been doing this alot lately. I may be back at work, but my relax technique has very much stayed the same.

This is the start of hopefully a little throw for the sofa. I say hopefully because throws are humongous and I’m lazy. So we will see who wins!

This week at work has been pretty relaxed all things considered. Had a few sales. Some I’m quite proud of too. Hopefully with the permission of my clients I’ll get some up here for you to see.

Till then….. i knit!

The time has come…

I went back to work!

That’s right folks, I finally returned my arse back to work.

What a was a relief to go back to form of normality. Albeit an odd shiny new normality. With COVID-19 keeping most of us in captivity for 8 weeks, it was obviously going to change the future of the work lifestyle. I never expected it to be so drastic. However… my work place is working on an appointment only basis, so no random people roaming around. I take my hat off to key workers in supermarkets who deal with that anxiety. You are heroes!