“Its been 7 hours and nearly a year!”

“Since I last wrote to you, ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh!”

Ive not gone full Sinead O’Connor. I still have hair.

I left you last in the wake of leaving the first lock down, I admit the mighty call of the local pub got the better of me. Now look at us two lockdowns later I write to you again.

It may have been my shiny new rose gold love in my life that sparked the inspiration to write again. She’s called Rosie and was my treat to myself for completing some life goals in October. Now my old laptop …. oh yeah were talking about an laptop ( I haven’t replaced boy) My old laptop would kindly allow me enough time to grab a cuppa, watch a series on Netflix, catch a few rays in the sun and let me ponder on my life choice that brought me to waiting 15 hours to let it load up the browser. Yes, it was that bad. Now Rosie has whipped up the browser, served me the tea and sat me in a cloud for comfort. That would impressive if true. That and the fact that people still look at the page that has been long dormant due to my frolicking around with life. Do I have much to report you say? Well!!! Let. Me. Tell. You.


Well there are some things. I got fatter, there was no fitness splurge in my lock down. No there was a new found love for Prosecco, It didn’t go well with squats. Christmas came and went, where no one could see there families, that wasn’t completely new to me so I survived. (not my fault if they live on an island with bad transport over the festive season) I ate a lot of food, worked my humongous backside off and BOOM. Lockdown 3!

What have I done with my time? Other then be my normal self and crochet my little 80 year old heart away. Nothing! Well ill give my self some credit, Laura and I have been working our little socks off to get our shop on its feet. Yes my 80 year old heart won, and will be crocheting for a living. After some amazing makes over Christmas we decided to give it a jolly old go. L&L Hipknits at your service officially. Theres a logo and everything, all the things you need to be a proper business. Ive been attending zoom courses to help with the business side, while Laura cooks up some new adorable creations. We have gin meetings on the regular … Work meetings, work meetings! I will say that right eventually.

Oh I did redecorate the bedroom again, cause I feel like every lockdown needs its own look. I managed to wallpaper again, its still awful and I did have 1 meltdown in the process. With just left boy laughing at me when the wallpaper I was attempting to adhere to the wall fell and slapped me on the head. Resulting in me throwing the brush across the floor and growling. Then to have to ask if he could the retrieve the brush to beat the shit into the paper. It was a successful day. We also have a downstairs transformation happening soon. Downstairs of the house, you filthy beggars I know what you thought that meant. We finally bought the bloody kitchen, we’ve only been planning it for forever. Its going to put me back into debt, but at least ill have somewhere fancy to drink my fizz.

I imagined more happened in my lengthily break. Maybe for another time. I just really wanted to show of rosie if im honest, maybe she will replace boy?

Till next time “nothing compares, nothing compares to Rosie”

Stay Kind

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