The collaboration!!!..

That’s right its finally here. Or at least part 1

So as we promised me and the famed kyraisme blogger and good friend/asylum chum, have finally got together part 1. Now I’m not going to lie. This had genuinely taken us over a week to do. Many a tangent, parenting (for her), both feeling unwell and just life getting in the way.

We decided to do go interview style. Including all the crazy that follows. Let’s face it, that’s the part you want to read. So this is how its going to work. On my page you will see the questions miss k asked me. If you head over to her page, you’ll find the questions I’ve asked her. Let’s role on with the questions!

Question 1

Kyra- Ok, so question… What animal would you want to come.back as?

Me- This is so hard! Nothing in the wild. Cause you know they all get hunted and rainforests being cut down and what not. A Caterpillar!

Kyra- Hmm, very forward thinking of you

Me-Cause then I could spend my life getting fat! And people will just think its cute and normal. Then I get to snooze for ages all snuggly in a cocoon. Then when I emerge ill be beautiful! 2 lives in one. And live in butterfly world where people pay to see me. Which makes me famous. Butterfly *The Richest flyer ever!

Kyra- Woah, I like it.. that’s a bit more…erm…happy and positive than mine ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ So…it used to be a bird but I found something even better….monkey!! So monkeys are proper little cheeky chappies and happy and they eat all day but they get to swing about and throw poo and people they dont like and literally no one blames them at all Poo at people

Me- You want to poo at people in your next life?Arnt monkeys sacred in some country’s?Goddess kyra the monkey!Who throws poo at you if you displease her!

Kyra- You tell me that right now,you would love to just throw poo at some people? Social distancing? No problem…poo bullets!!

Me- Poo grenade!

Kyra- I’m thinking…mini gun

Me- ๐Ÿ˜‚ Like a spud gun for poo

kyra- Anyway, yeah, so…I’ll be a monkey, also…oo, sacred me!

Me-But wouldn’t it just squish it??? Then it would be poo on your shoe?

kyra- Well I’m a monkey so don’t wear shoes…and the squishy stuff would be for the real mean people.

Me- You won’t wear shoes as a monkey??? I’d be well curious gorge wearing clothes, Hat, glasses and a little denim jacket.

Kyra- Oo no, think of the freedom! I’d wear shoes If I was going on a fancy monkey night out,.obviouslyObviouslyI wish I could draw…monkey, sparkler shoes and a poop shooting mini gunMy new logo!

Me- Give me a day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question 2

Kyra- Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

Me- Met the Queen as a kid. But…. my favourite person who is a legend in the touring world was a man called Peter Van Der Velder. Current role is production manager to Bjork. But he’s managed so many massive artists. As a bit of a tech lover. His work as a PM is so amazing and the only person I’ve actually been star stuck with, when I met him in New York. Its so silly but honestly I hope to be that good one day. He’s just so chill but such a boss!.

Kyra- Oh crap, what a crap question from me. I suck… Erm… I met nick berry once, I thought that was pretty cool. And I’ve met loads of snooker players like Jimmy white etc… Erm… I work with Mylo and Rosie?! I think I’ll just pretend that I’ve met Kylie Minogue…she was a wax work but… its kinda the same

Question 3

Kyra- have you ever had a spook experience?

Me- I try not to think about spooks. I’m not a believer as such but I’m not about to push it. I’ve always felt un easy in the playhouse. Smelling cigar smoke and feeling like your not alone in some of the rooms. I despise the back corridors and the sewing room.

Kyra-I hear ya! It’s very weird cos I used to be into all the spiritual, Crystal’s, tarot etc… oh, I used to love Derek Achorah from most haunted! But was so scared! I was once in the living room messing and we were ‘talking’ to my grandad and these loud footsteps started down the stairs… I freaked! There was no way out… they stopped at the bottom.of the stairs. But blimey, it was scary. But still… I’m.not convinced… I just don’t want to be thanks!

Me- That’s so creepy.

Kyra-Yup!! And yet still it’s like hmmmm….is my brain being a madam, is there an explanation…I wasn’t even drunk

Question 4

Kyra- What if you had to move to.mars?

Me- Then I’d be toasty and warm! And have a cracking tan, strutting my stuff and then open an icecream shop and be a millionaire.

Kyra- Hmm. I like your thinking. But, we have been reading jazz Harper space explorer, and he says that you can’t go out without a space suit on, and the space suit looks like a condom.and I don’t think I’d like to wear a whole body condom

Me- …a body condom????

Kyra- Yes, I dont think I have the figure.for a head to toe oneAnd its blue and grey, I mean I like those colours but…I think I’d look like a water balloon snake thing

Me- Well.

Kyra- Exactly.

Question 5

Kyra- If you had to be a panto character, who would it be?

Me- I dont like panto!!!! Aaaahhhhh

Kyra- I know, bwahahaha

Me- Can i be the set mover? Haha

Kyra- Nope, that’s not a character. You have to pick a singing and dances, brightly coloured, fun fun fun panto character! Well, there’re the baddies I guess but you get the point.

Me- Probably the sidekick. The princesses’ bestie. Just cause there normally the jester and I feel like I’m a bit of a jester?๐Ÿ˜‚

Kyra- I’ll accept that answer. Comedy characters are so much fun! But I can also rocking the baddie.

Me- Yeah probably. You?

Kyra- I loved.playing the baddie but playing the comedy character is so much fun! I love being able to interact with the audience and just be silly

So that’s the end of part 1!!!

Now to see the answers to the questions i asked Kyra head over to her page

Stay kind,