A walk in the wild.

That’s right, I left my house and it wasn’t for more beer or wine.

Beautiful right? That park is literally 5-minute walk from my house. Yet this was my first visit. Granted i moved into my new house in the worst weather ever, but i have no excuse for the rest of the time. Just look at it! I know my photography skills probably make it better ;).

I woke up this morning and decided today was the day. The sun was shining, my hangover hadn’t kicked in yet, life was good. Then guilt washed over me! The lack of exercise over the last week or two, especially when I have to physically get fitter for the show. Since at this point there is no way this arse is gonna be able to exercise and say lines without dying on stage. So I pulled my self out of bed, after my morning coffee and play with Bobsy the gerbil. Is there any other way to wake up? (to clarify the gerbil was brought to me, he does not live in the bed.)

Headphones in and my goodbyes given, you know in case I clearly get kidnapped while on my jaunt to the park. Off I went! It was so refreshing and nice to have the breeze in my hair and the sun on my skin. Now as a park novice it wasn’t till half-way through I realized id been following these little arrows, the green mile literally.

With only half concern I was walking towards my sparky end I followed in curiosity. To realize it leads me to where I started my walk at the park entrance. Thinking I was pretty good for walking a mile I decided I was going to walk another. Following the arrows in the same direction I went before. So chuffed with my self, that I managed to loose the arrows. Continuing my path convinced I was going the right way I walked till I found another one.

Surly enough I found it to realize that id only missed out a whole chunk of the course out! Only I could mess up a simple thing like walking! With clearly no sense of direction i finished my route and sent myself home. Next time green mile, next time i will find out your secret path!

That was a really long-winded way to tell you I went for a walk today 😀

Stay kind,


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