Being productive… and it went right?!

I know im as shocked as you! No disasters, so far!

We have seen my track record of DIY, ill prepared, barrels in without a second thought. Well this time, this time my lovelies it actually went alright.
I shall take my bow and your applause.

I / we decided that we would make an unused space in the kitchen useful. By we I mean me and the boy. He did all the sawing and physical building of the finished product. I designed it, well not that there was much design needed. The title makes me feel like I was involved… Maybe that’s why it actually worked?

We decided to transform the under stairs’ cupboard into a pantry. Not the hardest task in the world. Throw a couple of shelves in, call it a day. Its part of a future bigger plan, a full new kitchen and layout.

The pantry was finished off with some baskets and food containers to help organize the space. We had a budget of no more than £1.50 per item so on the hunt we went, while on daily allocated outside playtime. To the pound shop it was! When you actually wade through the useless tat you can find some half decent storage solutions. Above you can see the victory with some added fancy labels. So you don’t confuse cornflour while baking a Victoria sponge. Let’s face it, you know me enough to know this would be future me’s problem.

Now if you’ve read my bio, you will have seen I work for a UK kitchen company as a designer. So obviously I’ve already designed the kitchen layout. I’ll leave you a sneak peek of the first draft. Colours and worktops to be decided, but nearly happy with the layout.

There still so much to happen before we get anywhere near this stage, like survive captivity! Return to work, to earn the pennies to pay for said kitchen. But being able to stay creative and make some prep decisions ready for the day we can say that’s it, I’m knocking down this wall!

So the pantry was a tiny step towards living in our desired kitchen space.

Stay kind,

Adiós! X

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