I feel a good thing is coming..

Do you feel it? Exciting isnt it!

I have an amazing friend! You do too? … Well it’s not a competition, but id still win. My friend is by far better!

You know why, well let me tell you. After a quick throwback in my mind vault of memories!

Once upon a time, about a year ago.

I decided I would take up a challenge. One that id not done as a singular mind for a long while. Involving a story (play) I adored for years. I, Lanna, decided I would solo direct a show all of my own! (solo- the venture before was a co director role. All of my own- I didn’t write it, I added my brain juices to it)

The Arsonists! A beautifully dark comedy, full of evil, corruption and complacent characters who refused to see the truth before them.

As you would at the beginning of any show, I sent out the auditions. My approach to directing is very similar to me as a manager. Relaxed, roll with the decisions and sometimes just make it up as I go along. Lots of new faces arrived to the auditions, which is fabulous. All the parts had been chosen, a bit thin in the chorus but I had a chorus, again wonderful. Then in the first few rehearsals I received an email, a late comer. You guessed it, it was my friend I boast about!

She joined the team, as my lead chorus member. Kyra. The lovely lady Kyra!

After many laughs, tears and worry I gained a friend. A very talented friend. A friend who share the same mental wave length as i. She is utterly nutty and a genuine human being. Even after the show ended we insisted to still bother each other. Even if she does like being involved in panto… Ugh panto.

Now back to the point of telling you my memories.

We were having a chin-wag the other day and well blimey she has her own blog! That’s right folks, there are two crazy minds out there sharing brain juices (this makes me cringe every time I write it, but I can’t stop!) So we thought what if our two minds worked together to create the ultimate read! Your right again, a collaboration!

Now get them digits moving and search for this lovely lady! It wont dissapoint! http://www.kyramarieisme.com

Keep them eyes open for the chaos about to insue!

Stay kind,