New Look! New adventure!

Fancy colours, same old me!

(EDIT: This was the post that should of gone out more then week ago, but them gremlins tho!)

Welcome to my new page. Don’t worry same posts (if that’s what you visit for) just a new look!.

Once again I went head first into a project. Don’t worry I haven’t picked up another paint brush. (that’s coming soon 😉 ) . Its this, the very thing your reading. I’ve been planning my page of rambling for a while. I know, I know you know already! When I got the kahunas (god i love this word! ) to physically write and lets face it the time to actually commit, I just jumped straight in.

I love my old site, it was easy to use. Simple drag and drop, could not of gotten more cushty. Alas it was missing some simple features. Storage, the formatting of images was rather dull and mostly no option for subsciption. Let me put on my wanky hat there, as i’m obviusly getting all the subcription requests…… aha.

I’ve spent a pain staking week trawling different host providers. Researching the best place for blogs. Features, ease of use and style! It got dark people, I was scared for my internet persona’s life. like going down the rabbit hole with words like CSS, bandwidth, monthly quota, plug-ins, packages, prices, and templates. What a wonderfully horrid world of internet hosting! Despite the fall we made it out the rabbit hole into this beautiful world of WordPress. Take your trophey, you are the winner!

A very long winded way to say, Ive moved! Im here, but its still me!

Stay kind,


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