The count down has begun!

360 days Until I hit adulthood! 

It has been I officially have a yearish to go until I’m 30!

This is not a big deal for those who have past this landmark. They look and laugh at the impending doom of turning (checks if the coast is clear and whispers) ….30.

We’ve already discussed that I find this a bit deal. Now I’ve had a few discussions with the elders (the 30 pluses) about the subject and I have finally boiled down the fear. pure and utter accountability. Now caring about your peers opinion is completely un-nessecerry, yet we all do it. My issue with turning 30 is more about accountability.

Hear me out…

The older you become the more accountable for your actions you become. If a 20yr old and a 50yr old person both committed a crime lets say for instance stole something. The younger person will get off with no or a lesser punishment. Why? because they are young, in experienced in life. The 50yr old will be dealt a harsher punishment. Why .. Cause they should have known better! 

Everyone has a silly fears and life expectations, mine is this. (I’m sure it will be fine) 

 On to lighter things, It was my birthday!!!

Lets just take a moment to appreciate the fancy ass wine cooler bucket I have! Only the best obvs…..  

Birthday in captivity was very interesting. Normally we would go out see friends have a few drinks in our local watering hole….

** The watering hole is one name. The other is my AA meeting place. Now there is reason to this as it does seem insensitive. My sister who I speak to often, would call my while I was in the pub.(to clarify we have a dark sense of sarcastic humour.) Now it wasn’t always with the intention to get drunk! In my defence. It was like most people, after a stressful day at work, or a drink before a meal, a working lunchA. All of theses reasons and sometime it was just to get a little bit squiffy. So out of her jest commentary of ones drinking habit that I should seek help. So I responded with how do you know I’m not having a lemonade? Rolling around to my AA meetings.

…Going for a nice meal, the normal things that most people do. But when you have to social distancing, this makes it a tad harder.
The day instead of sitting in a hot tub in the sun drinking copious amounts of prosecco cocktails, while face timing all my lovely friends and niece. The boy made me a fake away of my favourite meal, which was utterly beautiful.
To top up on the blumbing adultness, close to the end of the night I fell over my own shoe while dancing to the disco light my amazing Heather got me. Laughter all around, until the morning when I couldn’t move my ankle. (insert face plant here)
So to the next year, to prepare for being someone less clumsy (doubtful)

The Blunder! 

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