When kept in captivity

Welcome back to the second sitting of my blunderings.

As we all sink into yet again another week of captivity … ( cough) …  I mean lockdown I find myself in a very strange phase. 

I decorated the bedroom as we’ve seen, decided that’s enough decorating for me this month! I lack the commitment and effort.

I finally published my site and first bloggingness  (this is a thing, I even added the word to the dictionary, so I’m quite committed now. Unlike the decorating ) 

I ventured into the garden and had a spot of sun bathing with the cat. He’s about 19 and my old grumpy man. Sleeps, eats and sunbathes. Such a trooper! Even sat out there with the boy (very different to the old man, being he is human not old.) between his online lectures. So productive.

Then I plod around the house, wait for wine time then cook dinner and start again.
Highlights of the day is waiting for all my online purchases to arrive. I cant say I’ve ever really been much of a online shopper. Simply because I am far to impatient. I would rather venture to the shop then wait 3-5 working days for delivery. Since this is not an option I’ve taken to eBay and amazon to forfill my buying needs.
My annoyance is the hanging around the windows of my house attempting to look natural. While I’m actually scouting to see if the mail person is approaching, disappointingly they are never constant with there timing. I hate the inconstancy. The roaming around pretending to be busy, when In fact I’m tapping my imaginary watch huffing about the time. ( I did say I was practically 80)
This is the highlight. THIS!. Waiting for the postie!
Other that that its the norm projects any 80yr old would get up to. baking, crocheting, cooking and random projects.
I made a bear for a good front liner friend. This took about ta day. Then obviously being my luck I ran out at the most inconvenient time, 1 ear! All I had left to do .. 1 flipping ear! Now again I’m waiting on the postie to being me more wool. Huff!

See 1 ear! ! Fricking 1!! (disclaimer – I’ve never made a bear before. for all those avid crocheters. ) 

What’s left?
I actually did something from the norm this week. I auditioned for a play. Normally I’m the director or tech. But this time I thought why the heck not!? I’ll give it ago! Now with the current situation I didn’t do this in person, this would be irresponsible, no I made a video. I never imagined how hard this task would be.
Firstly remembering the lines. The accent. The suggested movements.
This show is around the subject of boxing.
A few YouTube videos later I have my stance down! ✔
I ran script with boy and ever so lovely best friend heather via facetime. got that down ✔
Filmed the scene ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔( add 100 times or so)

 With a phone memory full of different takes I got the kahunas to send it… I mean really send it … as In I’m gonna do it this time
(insert the impending panic)
.Oh crap did I chose the right version? Did it explain the horrendous wind in the background? (I cant control the weather!). Or the fact my floor boards are squeaky? (even if I did film it in my newly decorated room to show off! ;)) Or the fact that I don’t know how to box, but the lovely man in the YouTube video assures me I had it!
I held my breath made my excuses and sent it!
Now I wait…
How do actors do this? The anxiety of the unknown, the insecurity of ‘did I send the right version’, ‘ could I of taken a better shot?’

However I wait my fate, and so shall you for the result! 

That’s my rambling for the moment. 

Enjoy Easter bank holiday, as much as we can at the moment. 


The Blunderer!

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