Attempt 1 of adulting … kinda

Welcome to the unknown world of quarantine! 

Luckily I have not experienced the joy of the coronavirus. ( I say this lightly. I’m hiding behind my blinds quaking in my slippers. praying to my book deities I don’t get it) 

So I did what any other rational person in this situation does,

I decided id decorate! 

Easy I hear you say. Did you read my bio? The part of being a incompetent adult.

While my competent responsible adult boyfriend brushes up of some office work, I decided I had more or less enough paint and equipment in the house to attempt to upgrade the bedroom.

This is our starting point,  

The Before …

As you can see this was well and truly a boys room. I felt it needed brightening up. How hard is that? 

So off I went stripping the wallpaper, it took a whole day. I was aching but feeling pretty good about this decision. 

Next I went to painting. This is where the despair came in.

I sanded like my life depended on it. with no mask (some reason they were out of stock in the local B and M) coughing and spluttering to the point I think even my neighbours were debating moving. 

Yet still the walls looked so awful with the paint on. The odd number 7 style mark showed through from the apparent different types of plaster.  

So off to the local bits and bob store (yes it was an unessential buy. Don’t judge me) to buy lining paper as this was the only way to save the room. 

Serious moment, the anxiety of sitting outside and feeling so ashamed and embarrassed of unessential buying. The worry of being outside in this climate full stop. But the anxiety of staring at half a job was just as bad. so in I went with a lot of coaxing from the boy.

More sanding followed. Then more sanding after that. A small strop on my part and dusting myself and walls down I was ready. 

Finally with the walls prepared, I attempted wallpapering. I’ve never done this,. a few YouTube videos later and a demonstration from the boy and off I went! This was frustratingly ambitious however I’m quite proud of my first attempt. Now,  its not perfect, It wont be appearing on my CV as kick arse decorator. But for my first attempt I shall take my bow! (insert chuffed to bits bow, Why thank you!) 

Now to paint! AGAIN. 

This is day 4, yes it has taken me 4 days to get this far. So off I go, painting away with my Pinterest mood board full of inspiration gearing me on. 

I could of just painted the wall in one colour and of been done with it. But I think we have come far enough to know that not what I did. 

Here were some ideas. this was the inspiration.

Below is the final product. 

Lessons learnt in the attempt of adulting.

1) Don’t start a project with out all of the essential materials. This was such a rookie mistake! 

2) Plan your attack! – I went in with no idea of what I was doing. – the pro on this is now I have an idea of what the other walls will be like when it comes to attacking other rooms.

3)When you think you’ve sanded enough …. sand some more! 

4) Pinterest is amazing- pick your battels wisely. 

There is still some decorative pieces to arrive yet, but ill keep you posted as they arrive. 

I’m so happy with the end result. 

If you have enjoyed this chapter of crazy, please let me know in the comments 🙂


The Blunderer!  

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